From Our Farm to a Porch Near You

The Real Deal:
We Offer the Easiest Way to Eat Well, Buy Local, Reduce Packaging and Save $$$

Everywhere you turn, eaters are going direct to the farm and cutting out the middlemen. It helps you out, it helps us out, and it helps the environment out because you significantly reduce our packaging requirements when you buy in bulk bags. We grow and deliver nutrient-dense certified organic microgreens every week, year-round, helping you form the easiest healthy habit out there. Just add a handful to everything!

You’ll Always Be….
Saving up to 40% when buying a full pound
Saving up to 20% when buying a half pound



What Customers are saying about our Porch Drop System:

Turmeric Eggs on a nest of Gorge Greens, Cracked Pepper and Balsamic Drizzle

“Gorge Greens microgreens are the best! We’ve been a porch drop host and working with the Gorge Greens team has been smooth and easy. The weekly delivery has been one of the few bright spots during the pandemic. We mix them into almost every meal as they are super versatile with no prep required. Little sprinkle over eggs and toast? Yes, please. Dress up that rice bowl? Heck yeah! Stand alone side salad? Darn tootin.” – Dave H.

“I tried these out more than a year ago and got hooked instantly. Mission driven, organic, healthy, from right here in the Gorge AND delicious?! No brainer. I literally throw a handful of them on almost every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been getting them delivered for months now and look forward to the next batch each week. YYYUUUMMMMMM.” – Lincoln C.

How It Works:

With our neighborhood Porch Drop system, you subscribe to a weekly, biweekly or monthly drop and get alerted by text on Friday afternoon as soon as your microgreens are ready for pickup. Our gracious porch hosts keep the coolers cool and the microgreens fresh til you pick them up. They are packed in reusable ziploc bags or biodegradable clamshells. Take a walk around your neighborhood and grab your greens all in one healthy swoop!

How Much Does it Cost?

Eating enough vegetables is a struggle. We call ourselves “Gorge Greens” because we really want everyone to eat nutrient-dense microgreens as much as possible. They are the easiest way to get the most out of eating vegetables with the least amount of effort.
That’s why the more you buy, the more you save!

You’ll save over $5 off retail when subscribing to an 8 oz bag.
You’ll save $15 off retail when subcribing to a 16 oz bag.
Sign up now and save an additional $2 off every drop for your first 30 days.
When you share your referral code with friends and family, they’ll save $2 off their first drop and you’ll save $2 off your next drop.

Pausing and Canceling:

Pausing and cancellation can happen anytime but please be considerate and give us a minimum 48 hour notice. Contact us anytime.

Porch Drop Locations:

Currently, you can choose from the following approximate locations around Portland and the Gorge.
Exact address is sent once your order is ready for pickup.

Carson, WA
Stevenson, WA
North Bonneville, WA
Trout Lake, WA (Tuesday evening)
SW PDX: Raleigh Hills – off of 92nd
NE PDX: Columbia Ecovillage at NE 46th and Killingsworth (Every Other Wednesday)
SE PDX: SE 62nd and Burnside
SE PDX: SE 45th and SE Knapp
SE PDX: SE 14th & SE Oak

*If you don’t see a location near you, consider hosting a cooler if you have a spot that’s shaded from the afternoon sun.

Please see our “How to Sign Up” Guide and FAQs before signing up and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to Get In Touch.

Our Offerings:

A full bag of vibrant microgreens

ALL SYSTEMS GO! This bodacious blend is loaded with easy-to-absorb vitamins and minerals that support total body health. A handful is all it takes to supercharge every bite. Contains a rotating blend of pea shoots, broccoli, radishes, kale, kohlrabi and cabbage. Its the perfect veggie addition to any meal all year-round.

Don’t forget, you’ll save an additional $2 at checkout for your first 30 days of porch drops.

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! More zippy than All Systems Go, this blend is loaded with three kinds of radishes and peas along with a rotating selection of broccoli, kale and purple kohlrabi. Perfect for supporting optimal digestion if you find yourself struggling with a sluggish belly.

Don’t forget, you’ll save an additional $2 at checkout for your first 30 days of porch drops!

All Systems Go! & Spice Up Your Life Combo

You can’t go wrong with more microgreens. Trust me. Replace the lettuce in salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Make a nest and put a poached egg in the middle for breakfast drizzled with a little olive oil, balsamic and parmesan cheese. Add a handful to a bean and rice bowl. Mound it on your everything bagel and cream cheese or avocado toast. Load it on your hamburger. Eat it in handfuls right out of the bag as a midnight snack. Pile it on your cheese and crackers. Wrap it in some nori with a little toasted sesame dressing. There’s no wrong way to eat them.
If you can’t decide which one you like more, try our leap frog option. Every week or two weeks you’ll alternate between our two blends. This option isn’t available for once-a-month delivery. Contact Elona to set up this unique offering.

Can’t decide which blend you like more? Get Both!

Don’t forget, you’ll save an additional $2 at checkout for your first 30 days of porch drops!

Up to 100X the sulphoraphane* of adult broccoli and a light, crunchy flavor. If you’re not familiar with sulforaphane, it’s the compound that doctors are very excited about since it has been shown to drastically improve our cells’ ability to properly rid themselves of toxins. We use seeds bred in concert with Johns Hopkins University for maximum cell supporting power. Smokers and folks living in the city who breathe in lungfuls of carcinogens will be interested in this study.

*Technically, sulforaphane is formed when the glucoraphanin in the broccoli microgreens mixes with an enzyme in your saliva.

Super Broccoli!

Don’t forget, you’ll save an additional $2 at checkout for your first 30 days of porch drops!




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