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Elona Trogub is a systems thinker who’s passionate about strengthening local food systems to become more resilient in the face of environmental challenges and population growth. With her combination of leadership acumen, 16 years’ experience operating food-related enterprises and overall “Mama Bear-ness”, Elona is uniquely adept at coordinating operations at Gorge Greens.

Trained as a professional chef and farmer, Elona has done everything from goat herding and cheesemaking, running fine dining restaurants, starting then selling her own prepared foods company, to farming and farm education.  Elona sits on the board of Tryon Life Community Farm, is a community herbalist and can be found picking mushrooms and herbs with her pup whenever she catches a break. 



Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, Ryan “Yeti” Crist’s fascination with soil and plant life began before he could walk. While finishing his B.S. in Chemistry, his interests turned towards hydroponic plant production and aquaponics in a search for farming methods that were sustainable, resilient, and provided accelerated growth. For five years he provided systems design consulting for several aquaponics and organic farms in the Portland area.

Driven by his love of advanced farming methods and desire to design more creative automated systems, Ryan went back to school for a second degree in Mechanical Engineering, during which he started the Agri-Tech club to help students learn and apply their curriculum to advanced sustainable agricultural practices.

He won the Best Prototype Award in the CleanTech Challenge with his teams design for a functional, mobile aquaponic system built for people with little access to farmable land, allowing them to grow their own produce and fish in their driveway year-round.

Ryan is well-known for his workshops covering farming methods, composting practices, mushroom cultivation, chicken husbandry, and converting spaces into beautiful, edible landscapes.

He is currently working with the Living Islands NGO in designing a floating aquaponic farm intended to overcome the problem of rising sea levels in the Marshall Islands.



Michael Hanna has worked with data and software for 25 years, specializing in databases, data warehouses, data analytics, application and data integration, networking, and web applications. For the last 16 years, he has been a Database Administrator and Engineer for the Information Technology Division of the Multnomah County government, a $2 billion organization. He is excited to apply this experience to the realms of indoor agriculture and manufacturing.

He has experience with all major cloud services, including emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. Michael also has a background in the Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring devices and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of all types. He currently leverages data analytics technologies to help Multnomah County deliver its services more efficiently and effectively.

With a passion for merging the wisdom of plants and fungi with human machine technology in service of all living things, Michael has studied herbalism, mycology, and holistic healing for more than a decade. He combines this with experience manufacturing FDA dietary supplements and growing and processing herbs and medicinal mushrooms.



After a highly successful career in professional sales, Dave Goldring decided to shift his focus toward the sustainable, scalable cultivation of plant superfoods for his local community. As a result, he founded NoBo Microfarms, which now forms the basis for Gorge Greens’ current agricultural operations.

Encouraged by praise and positive feedback from a broad range of customers that includes chefs, farmers’ market shoppers, and everyday consumers, Dave lovingly built NoBo into a thriving operation. His microgreens are served at notable area restaurants and are available at grocery stores throughout the Columbia Gorge and beyond.

Prior to founding NoBo, Dave held a variety of sales management and leadership positions including professional real estate sales in the Vancouver and Columbia Gorge areas of Washington State. He has also been a top-performing regional sales representative for large health and fitness companies and communications service and technology providers as well as managed the sales department and logistical hub for an exclusive, high-end, remote wilderness lodge in Denali National Park.

Dave is able to effectively promote and sell anything he’s passionate about, and is adept at building rapport and connections with just about anyone. As Director of Sales, he brings this excitement and enthusiasm to bear for the benefit of Gorge Greens and its customers, leadership, and community.

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