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Microgreens are a sprout-like superfood that concentrates the life force of an adult plant into a tiny, nutrition-packed bite. Need to eat more veggies? A handful of microgreens is a convenient, healthy way to add a serious dose of plant power to every meal. 

Our overarching commitment to mindful cultivation guides everything we do and our smart-farming system takes advantage of the sun while conserving water and energy as we grow. 

Gorge Greens offers two blends of organic microgreens sold in the most sustainable option available – bulk, and also in a plant-based, plastic clamshell that biodegrades quickly in a hot composting system.  Most cities do not have hot-composting facilities in place as of yet. We encourage you to contact your local waste management company and ask about upgrading to hot composting. Meanwhile, fill it with kitchen scraps and bury it in your backyard to return nutrients to the Earth and build soil. 

If you’d like to offer our microgreens in your store or restaurant or want to pick some up for your next healthy meal, contact us for more information. 


Designed by a team of chefs and herbalists, our nutritionally-dense and delicious blends pack a punch whether you’re eating it directly or energizing your salad, bowl, wrap, bagel, soup or avocado toast.

8 oz and 16 oz POUCHES

This blend contains a rotating mix of peas, kale, purple kohlrabi, broccoli, arugula, red clover and a little radish for color. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, protein and soluble fiber, this mix gives every system of your body a boost.

8 oz and 16 oz POUCHES

Your taste buds will be singing with this mix of peas and spicy radishes enhanced with a seasonal rotation of hearty kale, kohlrabi, broccoli,arugula and red clover. The heat in these spicy microgreens supports healthy digestion by waking up sluggish tummies. Start your day with a zing by topping your next breakfast wrap or eggs with a hearty handful of this blend.

After all, who doesn’t need a little more spice in their life?


We’re available through five channels – grocery stores, restaurants, Local Food Boxes, Neighborhood Porch Drops and direct 2-Day Ship-to-Home to all of Oregon and Washington. With CoVid-19 asking us to stay home, our goal is to get our microgreens to you while respecting your safety and ours.

Local Food Boxes & Buying Clubs
At this time, you can order a weekly produce box from Hood River Organic, Gorge Farmers Collective (a cooperative of Gorge Farmers) or at the Hood River Farmers Market Online. They are all committed to keeping you fed through this pandemic with drop spots, direct-to-you services and sourcing from local farms. That means our local food security and economy are strengthened, too. They all draw from a variety of farms and processors in the Gorge to make their offerings, including our friends at Cascadia Creamery, Columbia Mushroom Company and Blue Bus Cultured Foods. 

2-Day Ship-To-Home for Oregon and Washington with Zero-Waste Packaging
If you or someone you know lives rurally or outside of the Portland/Vancouver/Gorge area in Oregon or Washington state, please know that we can deliver within 2 days of harvest with zero-waste packaging. Simply pay the deposit on the shipping materials and get it back when you mail it back to us. We sanitize and reuse the outer packaging again and again. We offer up to 4 lbs of microgreens per shipment, and the more you get, the more you save. Go in on a package with your friends, neighbors, family, yoga studio, gym, running group, etc… and get fresh greens to your door anytime of the year! Contact us to learn more!

Porch Drops
Our Porch Drop system is a network of friends who have offered a shady (cool, not suspicious) porch where they host a cooler for us where once per week we deliver either 3.5 oz compostable clamshells, or 8 oz and 16 oz bags of our delicious microgreens with your name on them, that let you save up to 30% off retail price. You’ll get a text notification when your greens are ready for pickup. For more information, visit our Porch Drops section.

If you’re interested in adding us to your menu, or carrying or seeing our product in your favorite local grocery store, please let us know

Portland Area Stores
People’s Coop on SE 21st and Tibbetts
Food Front in NW PDX
Know Thy Food on SE Milwaukie Ave (bulk available)
New Seasons | Arbor Lodge
New Seasons | Cedar Hills
New Seasons | Concordia
New Seasons | Grant Park
New Seasons | Happy Valley
New Seasons | Hawthorne
New Seasons | Mountain Park
New Seasons | Nyberg Rivers
New Seasons | Orenco Station
New Seasons | Raleigh Hills
New Seasons | Sellwood
New Seasons | Seven Corners
New Seasons | Slabtown
New Seasons | University Park
New Seasons | Williams

Vancouver Area Stores
Chuck’s Produce & Street Market at Mill Plain
Chuck’s Produce & Street Market in Salmon Creek

Gorge Area Stores
Carson General Store in Carson, WA
A&J Market in Stevenson, WA
Trout Lake Store in Trout Lake, WA
Feast Market in White Salmon, WA
Rosauers in Hood River, OR
Farm Stand in Hood River, OR
Treebird Family Market (formerly Mother’s Market) in Hood River, OR
McIsaac’s Market in Parkdale, OR
Cody Orchards in Odell, OR

Farmers Markets (seasonal availability)
Gorge Grown Mobile Market in the Dalles, Odell, Cascade Locks, Hood River, Lyle, and Moro (connect with them to have them come to your town)

Restaurants and Food Carts Featuring our Microgreens
Cedar Street Bagel Co. in Camas, WA
Cabin Drive-Thru in Stevenson, WA
Bigfoot Coffee Roasters in Stevenson, WA
Red Bluff Taphouse in Stevenson, WA
North Shore Cafe in White Salmon, WA
White Salmon Bakery in White Salmon, WA
Feast Market in White Salmon, WA
Pizza Leona in White Salmon, WA
Thunder Island Brewing Co. in Cascade Locks, OR
Thirsty Cafe in Cascade Locks, OR
Celilo Restaurant and Bar in Hood River, OR
Sushi Okalani in Hood River, OR
Wicked Burger in Hood River, OR
Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Hood River, OR
Doppio Coffee in Hood River, OR
Tabor Bread in Portland, OR
Spielman Bagels & Coffee at four locations around Portland, OR
Thunderbird Bar in Portland, OR
Mitate Vegan Sushi in Portland, OR
Po’ Shines Cafe de la Soul in Portland, OR
Desi PDX in Portland, OR

Don’t see us in your favorite grocery store? Let us know!

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