Eggs in a Nest

Eggs in a Nest

Eggs in a Nest 150 150 Elona Trogub

By Elona Trogub of Gorge Greens

I’m in my 30’s. I think there’s some magical threshold that one passes after making breakfast for themselves more than 1000 times. Suddenly, it’s less about something new and novel. Instead, the steadfast, quick, healthy, delicious and filling breakfast rises to the top. It took me years to understand why my mother relied on cottage cheese, fruit and a blueberry Eggo waffle for her morning routine. It’s the same reason many successful entrepreneurs wear the same outfit every day. It’s one less thing to think about. One less concern. One more minute we save for the things we love. Besides an Everything bagel with cream cheese and microgreens, Eggs in a Nest is my go-to.

Makes 1 Quick Breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) in 15 minutes or less.
1-2 Eggs, Poached or however you like them
1 large handful of Spice Up Your Life! or All Systems Go! Microgreens Blend
Extra-virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar, the thicker the better 
Flaky Salt like Kosher
Freshly Cracked Pepper

If you’ve never poached eggs before and are ready to try, here’s a great (and excessive) how-to by none other than Gordon Ramsey (skip flavoring the water with salt and pepper and use plain vinegar, for the simple approach). But this recipe is great no matter how you like your eggs.

Cook your eggs. Get your plate ready with a pile of microgreens and spread out the middle to form a nest. Place your cooked eggs in the nest and top with drizzles of olive oil, balsamic, freshly cracked pepper and a pinch or two of flaky salt – either kosher or something fancier. This healthy and stunning breakfast should keep you sustained with energy due to the nutrient density of the microgreens. Toast optional. Buen provecho! 


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