Microgreen Wontons in Five Spice Broth

Microgreen Wontons in Five Spice Broth 1000 1333 Elona Trogub

A delicious and nourishing dumpling soup that hides LOADS of microgreens beneath the surface (and on top).

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Eggs in a Nest

Eggs in a Nest 150 150 Elona Trogub

By Elona Trogub of Gorge GreensI’m in my 30’s. I think there’s some magical threshold that one passes after making breakfast for themselves more than 1000 times. Suddenly, it’s less about something new and novel.…

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4-Ingredient Nori Snack Wraps

4-Ingredient Nori Snack Wraps 1500 1125 Elona Trogub

These simple wraps, or cones, hit the spot when a sushi craving strikes.

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