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“Food and medicine are not two different things:
they are the front and back of one body.”



Founded in 2019, Gorge Greens is on a mission to plant and tend with care and consideration for all. We’re about maximizing our positive effect with year-round organic food production and family-wage jobs in our rural community while conserving resources.

Tired of buying salad from far away that goes slimy after a few days in the fridge? Gorge Greens utilizes “smart farming” methods in a controlled environment greenhouse built to produce a high volume of microgreens every week, packaged and delivered quickly after harvest so that eaters get the most value for their hard-earned dollars. 

As our business grows, we’ve got plans to expand into organic aquaponic (aquaculture + hydroponics) production. Our system mimics natural systems. This closed-loop farming method will allow us to grow salad greens and other typically seasonal crops year-round without fossil fuel-based fertilizers, with the added benefit of supplying more nutritious, humanely-raised fish free from toxins found in wild populations or the antibiotics used in traditionally farmed fish. 

In addition to our cultivation efforts, we’re busy planning and implementing the ongoing build-out of the Wind River Project’s Circular Economy business park, where waste wood will be used to heat and power the greenhouses while sequestering carbon for use in soil-building. 


Located in Skamania County, the Wind River Project is comprised of Gorge Greens and the Wind River Biomass Utility (WRBU). Together, these two entities are working to create a mutually-beneficial circular economy that repurposes under-utilized or wasted resources from our local area, transforming them into useful commercial products, biochar, heat, and power.

In our 98% forested county, waste wood is an inescapable problem that land managers are required to address. Most often, it’s burned in the open, filling our valley with smoke. WRBU will soon be buying this waste biomass and processing it into a variety of high-value energy and agricultural products, including biochar (a form of soil-building carbon), BBQ smoker chips, and kiln-dried firewood. It’s a win-win situation for our forests, land managers, and for WRBU, its customers, and partners.

Once fully operational, our energy utility will provide electricity and heat to Gorge Greens’ aquaponic greenhouses and the local community, facilitating the year-round, eco-friendly cultivation of organic produce and fish and support regenerative farming and forestry with biochar production. 

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